Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rhymes with home

On the good days being away from home is a nice distraction.
On the bad days, there seem to be too many women stroking swollen bellies, too many strollers being pushed, too many dark haired, brown eyed tots who look just the way I'd pictured my babies would look.

But I should be grateful, right? To be here in the land of gellato and pizza. To be enjoying sunshine and 18 degree weather instead of shivering in freezing rain and freezing temperatures like my family back home.

And ironically, I have been tagged by Aurelia.

Do you really need to know 5 things about me? Probably not, but here goes.

1. Thanks to my brother, since age 3 I have been missing a piece of one of my appendages. I won't say which one.

2. For the first few years of my life I went to very strict convent schools run and taught by nuns. I am not catholic (not even close) but somehow my parents thought this was a good idea.

3. I can't swim. Well, I can dog paddle very well and I can do a reasonable backstroke. But open water terrifies me. If I was on a boat that capsized 200m from an island I would probably drown.

4. Luckily, my husband is a qualified lifeguard.

5. Without my glasses/contact lenses I probably couldn't find my way from one side of a room to another. I fantasize about having perfect eyesight but I am way too chicken to do something like laser surgery. For sure I would be that 1 in 100,000 person they tell you about who suffered permanent pain/damage as a result of the surgery. I think we're pretty clear on the fact that the probability gods are not on my side (see failed cycles 1 through 8).

caio for now.