Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stupid girl

For hoping when I should have known better.
Good news is for others.
Why did I dare to think otherwise?

I hadn't written about it because this time I was trying to do everything differently. Because this time it was different. Different eggs, different clinic, different process....and maybe, just maybe, different results.

Well my secret cycle is over.
My sister was a trooper. I'll never adequately be able to express my feelings of gratitude towards her. She endured the injections, the ultrasounds, the blood draws the retrieval without a single complaint. Her abdomen is bruised. Her arms resemble those of an addict. Her tiny veins are hard to find and required multiple painful jabs. On retrieval day it took 6 tries to hook up the IV.
The eggs were great.
The sperm was great.

They didn't count on my blackhole/toxic tarpit of a uterus to kill these embryos too.
But it did. It has. We confirmed that today.

So...advice on repeat implantation failure anyone?
Cause I am a complete loss.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Does this happen in your office?

People occasionally bring treats to the office to share. Someone has baked cookies or brought Hallowe'en candy and they leave it on a common table for everyone to help themselves. In our office all the women do this, but there's one guy working in our office who has NEVER ever brought anything to share. It doesn't stop him however from helping himself to whatever treats are being offered.
Does he realize that he's always taking but never contributing?
Do he feel piggy or guilty for doing this?
Do he feel entitled?
Do he not think at all?
Why does he think this is acceptable behaviour?
Am I over-reacting?

This is a perfectly nice, considerate guy. Yet it doesn't seem to have occured to him that he is accepting everyone else's hospitality without ever reciprocating.
It's starting to bug me.

Godamnit. He's just taken the last peanut butter cup.
Now I'm really mad.