Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Cost of 3 IVF cycles: $19,500
Cost of 1 cancelled cycle: $1,000
Cost of 1 IVM cycle: $4,000
Cost of 6 return airline tickets
(for husband and self), numerous train tickets,
taxi rides, hundreds of km of driving: $4,500
Cost of drugs for 4 cycles: $28,400
Cost of consultation with 'top notch' clinic in NY*: $520
Cost of travel to NY (x2): $800
Cost of 1 blood test at NY clinic: $585
Cost of 2 nights in NY hotel: $650
Cost of second flight to NY: $455
Cost of biopsy and misc tests: $975
Cost of 2 nights in NY hotel during busy season: $854
Cost of approximately 90 acupunture appointments: $4,050
Cost of vitamins B, CoQ10, fish oil, folic acid, and asprin
taken daily for past 16 months: $600
Cost of visit with psychologist: $625
Cost reimbursed by insurance: $0

Cost of having a baby to love and hold: priceless.
Oh wait a second. I don't have a baby.
Priceless indeed.

NY costs adjusted to sucky Canadian $$.


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