Thursday, September 29, 2005

hope springs eternal

I bought a pregnancy test yesterday.
It was negative.

I was 2 days late (I'm never late) and I had none of my typical PMS symptoms.
Could it be???
We had used OPKs last month. I know we did the deed on the 'right' days.
I obsessed about it all day yesterday, and finally bought a test after work.
What was I thinking?

Not 2 hours after I'd tested negative my period arrived in full force, as if to say "what were thinking, you ignorant slut. how dare you actually think you can have sex and get pregnant".

So not only am I not pregnant (shock, horror) but I'm feeling acutely embarassed about the panicked email I'd sent to the IVF nurse yesterday. I'm supposed to let her know when it's Day 1 and, ignorant slut that I am, I sent her a long, rambling email about the missing period, 'what shoud i do?' 'please help' etc. etc.
I will have to call her now and say "ahh..yeah..ahem.......disregard that email please, i'm not a moron..really"


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Sheryl said...

I'm sorry that af arrived Nina. For me doing a test is ALWAYS a sure fire way to bring it on. It sucks...

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Thalia said...

I'm with sheryl. There's nothing like peeing on a stick to bring it on. I'm really sorry.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Millie said...

Thanks so much for commenting in my blog. I just came over and read yours. I'm so sorry you've had so much to deal with. It sounds like we've shared a number of experiences (I also had what I refer to as the seven year hitch not to mention high fsh, etc).

I'm also sorry that you found my secret way for starting a cycle. It used to be white pants or expensive new underwear. Now any old hpt will do the trick. I was trying to keep this one a secret but I guess the cat is out of the bag.

At 5:42 PM, Blogger MsPrufrock said...

Yeah, I'm more than slightly familiar with the testing-leading-to-an- immediate-period schtick. Ugh.

As for the email, I've done that as well. I sent a cautiously gleeful email to my doctor about not having my period at day 36, he encouraged me to test, and of course my period arrived shortly thereafter.

I'm sorry you've had to face even more disappointment.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can so relate...Those months when you use the OPK are killers because you're counting the days. I can't have an HPT in the house...


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