Saturday, August 27, 2005

when it pains

Oh and did I mention that around the time we found out that IVF#2 had failed, we also found out that my mum was diagnosed with ovarian/endometrial cancer?

And did I mention that around the time we were coming to terms with the cancellation of cycle#3 while helping my mom with chemo treatments, we received the news that my brother in law had committed suicide?

And oh yeah... I was rear ended by a 16 yr old driver.
And a few days after that I learned of the death of my dear, sweet grandfather; my last remaining grandparent (1 year ago today).
It was an absolutely stellar year.

But wait there's more.
Did I also mention that funding for the program I work for was cancelled in Oct. 2004, leaving me with the prospect of unemployment. Yup.

I bumped into a friend about a week before Christmas last year. You look a little shellshocked she said.
No kidding. Really??


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